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A Walk To Beautiful movie
Event Date: 01/01/1970 12:00



I would like to let you know about a free community screening of the Emmy award-winning documentary ‘A Walk to Beautiful’. Your centre supporters may find it interesting as it touches on themes of faith, tragedy, hope and restoration.


This heart gripping movie chronicles the story of five Ethiopian women whose lives have been devastated by horrific childbirth injuries that leave them incontinent and ostracised by their communities. They find treatment and restoration at the Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Hamlin Fistula was started in 1975 by a Christian couple, Doctors Reginald and Catherine Hamlin. Dr Reginald was from Christchurch.

Because of their work more than 45,000 women have been treated for fistula injuries in Ethiopia. It a non-profit charity, and we as Hamlin Fistula NZ are the NZ representatives of this amazing work.


We will be showing the movie on Saturday, May 6, 7pm at the Christchurch Transitional Cathedral. Entrance is free, and donations towards the work of Hamlin Fistula will be welcomed. A trailer for the movie can be viewed at http://www.hamlinfistula.org.nz/news.html


We are grateful for any assistance that you may be able to offer in promoting this opportunity to your supporters. Thank you.



Kind regards,

Joli Wescombe



Hamlin Fistula NZ


[email protected]


Climate and Labour
Event Date: 01/01/1970 12:00



Can you please promote these to your mailing list.

MPs Debate: MPs Stuart Smith [National], Megan Woods [Labour], Kennedy Graham [Greens] and Denis O'Rourke [ NZ 1st] are debating climate policies. We need a big turnout so National [and the media] get the message.

7 pm, Aurora Centre, Burnside High, cnr Memorial Ave and Greers Rd.


Our annual People's Climate Parade. Again we're inviting groups to come with their own signs and identifying clothes. Our Parade ties in with all the People's Climate Marches across the USA and particularly in Washington DC. Ours will be the first in the world. We're breaking new ground by beginning with an exciting and humorous 15 minute play before the march.


We'll also launch the Climate Declaration that Jeannette Fitzsimons and many grass roots groups have created for New Zealand.


Please post this on your social media sites and forward to friends, co-workers, other groups and any media people you know.


Many thanks,

Charles Drace

350.org Christchurch


We make a living by what we get; We make a life by what we give.


The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke


To care for our neighbors, children, and future generations, we must care for our Earth.


Charles Drace

Socrates Ltd

6/42 Chester Street West, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand

Bobby from Nicky Wagner's office
Event Date: 01/01/1970 12:00

Hi All

Attached is a pdf flyer which has the details of next Wednesday’s public meeting.

Thank-you so much.

Kind regards,


B. Meyer-Gibson


Bobby Meyer-Gibson

Policy, Research, Communications Assistant to Nicky Wagner, MP


Telephone  (03) 365 8297    Cell: 027 292 0407

Email  [email protected]

103 Salisbury Street, Christchurch

P.O. Box 21359, Christchurch 8143

Work & resident visa policy changes





Hi All

The Government has announced a package of changes designed to better manage immigration and improve the long-term labour market contribution of temporary and permanent migration. 

The changes are aimed at managing the number and improving the quality of migrants coming to New Zealand. 

Read the Minister's press release and see below for more detail.







Essential Skills work visa proposals


The Government is consulting on proposed changes to temporary migration settings to manage the number and settlement expectations of new migrants coming to New Zealand on Essential Skills work visas. The proposals are also designed to stop the reoccurrence of pools of long-term temporary migrants with no pathway to residence.

The proposals include the introduction of remuneration bands to determine the skill level of an Essential Skills visa holder, and aligning visa duration and the ability to bring children and partners to New Zealand with the new skill levels.

More about the proposals








Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) changes


A number of changes have already been made to improve the quality of the SMC and manage growing demand. The changes were designed to stop the growth in residence numbers and prioritise access for higher-skilled migrants. Early evidence suggests the changes are working.

To build on this, the Government will introduce two remuneration thresholds as a proxy for skills and the SMC points table will be realigned to put more emphasis on characteristics associated with better outcomes for migrants.

More about the changes








South Island Contribution visa


The Government has announced a new policy to provide a one-off pathway to residence for around 1,600 migrant workers and their families who have been living in the South island for more than five years.

The Government is currently reviewing temporary visa settings to ensure future lower-skilled temporary migrants don’t end up in the same situation.

More about the policy










Speak Up-Korerotia update Jan-March 2017

Kia ora koutou!

Just in time for a long weekend of rain and potential podcast-listening :) ... Here are the shows we have produced in the last few months!
Antarctica - Conversation on treaties, ice melt and other intriguing topics, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of NZ's Scott Base
Canterbury's residential red zones - Human rights implications of the post-earthquake red zoning, and the importance of considering what to do with the land moving forward
Bilingualism in a single language-dominant society - Why it's important to foster bi- and multi-lingualism in a primarily monolingual society
Indigenous women in leadership - Celebrating UNDRIP (Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People) and International Women's Day, this show looks at perspectives on 'leadership' and the role of Maori women
The changing face of rural NZ - Stories of migration to Ashburton, and the role of a museum exhibition in fostering a sense of belonging among newcomers 
Discussing Autism - Clarifying some of the lack of understanding around this issue and with a very positive message: focus on what people with autism contribute, and not what they find it hard to do
As always, you can find all shows at Plains FMSoundCloud or iTunes, as well as transcripts, and extra resources through the Christchurch Libraries - see email signature for links.
Many thanks
COGS election final reminder to vote
Event Date: 01/01/1970 12:00

Kia ora,


A second, and final link has been sent to you for the COGS election.

It has not come from me directly so please check your junk mail if you can’t find it! – It is a survey monkey I believe.


For those of you who have voted already, thank you and you can disregard this email.


If you still haven’t voted, you have until April 18th to have your say.



COGS 2017 is also open today until 24th May. Please check the website for more information and changes to this year’s grants process.




Wendi Stewart

Community Advisor | Community Operations    
The Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua    
161 Cashel St, Christchurch Central

Phone 0800 824 824 | Direct Dial: 3 339 5535 | Extn: 4235 

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TPA Members Newsletter for April 2017 and 20 other news items from Healthy Christchurch

Christchurch City Council Newsline: 5th April 2017

Preliminary design images of the new Christchurch Convention Centre showing how it will enhance the heart of the city have been released by Ōtākaro Limited.

“We want to create an attractive facility for Christchurch, that draws people towards the Centre and its associated cafes and shops," says Ōtākaro Chief Executive Albert Brantley.

A preliminary design image of the Christchurch Convention Centre.“The 'River Walk’ on the south side will take people from Cathedral Square, through the Centre precinct to the restored Victoria Square and the enhanced waterfront of the Ōtākaro/Avon River Precinct.’’

The Christchurch Convention Centre will be capable of hosting up to 2000 delegates for a variety of national and international events. It will include a 1400 delegate auditorium, a 3600m2 exhibition hall and 1600m2 of meeting rooms that will overlook Victoria Square.

“Estimates put the direct economic benefit of the Convention Centre to the Canterbury region at $300m to $400m in its first eight years of operation,” says Mr Brantley.

The main entrance to the Centre opens out to Oxford Terrace and the Avon River, and has been designed to reflect the fluid curves of Canterbury’s braided rivers. This gives visitors easy access to Te Papa Ōtākaro/Avon River Precinct and creates a space for civic powhiri and welcoming events.

The Armagh and Colombo street sides are straighter to reinforce the traditional edges of Victoria Square and Cathedral Square, and to tie in with the restored Lady Isaac building.

The Colombo St side will be lined with hospitality and retail outlets and space has been created for the potential construction of a hotel that would further increase the level of activity around Cathedral Square.

Armagh St will include areas for public use designed to encourage people to linger and enjoy the view of Victoria Square.

The Colombo St side of the Christchurch Convention Centre.Architects Woods Bagot has worked on the design with Matapopore Charitable Trust.

“The Convention Centre presents a significant opportunity to design a world-class facility that reflects the unique identity, culture and values of Christchurch, Ngāi Tūāhuriri/Ngāi Tahu by paying homage to our rivers, mountains and plains,” says Matapopore General Manager Debbie Tikao.

The flowing river quality also extends to the curved roof of the auditorium and pre-function areas. The use of various timbers will give the interior warmth.

Earthworks on the site are now well underway and the developed design process has commenced.

A call for tenders from a shortlist of contractors has now been issued and Ōtākaro expects to appoint a main works contractor around July.

A practical completion date of late 2019 is being targeted.

The Christchurch and Canterbury Convention Bureau (CCCB) has welcomed the design plans. CCCB Manager, Caroline Blanchfield says the striking design, set in a stunning central location, will give Christchurch a distinct edge.

“The Christchurch Convention Centre is going to be the facility we always wanted, designed for both locals and visitors, attracting new and exciting public exhibitions, business meetings and gala functions to large multi-day conventions,” she says.

“Its setting on the city’s waterfront overlooking Victoria Square and with links to Cathedral Square makes it distinctive and welcoming for everyone."

Weather warning

Rain becoming heavy overnight tonight, and continue through to
Thursday night. In 23 hours from 1am to midnight Thursday, 100 to
130mm may accumulate. Peak intensities 10 to 15mm per hour.
Severe gale southwesterlies are expected to develop Thursday morning
and persist into Thursday night. Gusts of 130 km/h expected in
exposed places.


Linwood-Central-Heathcote - The Week in Brief Monday 3 April 2017

Kia ora everyone,


Please find the Week-in-Brief for the week beginning 3rd April 2017.


Nga mihi

Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Governance Team


Changes to NZAF work with African Communities

Good morning


I am writing to you as a stakeholder in the work of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF) with African communities in New Zealand. The email is to update you following recent changes at the NZAF that have directly impacted on the African Community Engagement Team and the way in which NZAF will work with African communities into the future.


In February, I released a restructure proposal that included some significant changes to the way in which the NZAF is organised. Underpinning the proposed changes were two key rational:


First, the NZAF Board adopted the 2016-2019 NZAF Strategic Plan in November 2016. The strategy is the result of integrating careful analysis of the global HIV prevention landscape into the context of the New Zealand epidemic and includes a set of forward thinking and ambitious goals for implementation over the next three years. One of the key tools through which the Strategic Plan will be implemented is the new NZAF social marketing brand, Ending HIV. Endorsed by the Board and launched on 1 February, the campaign is aimed at gay and bisexual men and has the goal of ending new HIV transmissions in New Zealand by 2025. The proposed changes were designed to position NZAF to deliver both the Strategic Plan and the new brand.


Second, the NZAF must be financially sustainable into the future. Government funding of the NZAF has remained largely static since 2009. In recent years, attempts to continue business as usual have meant that we have now been operating with deficit budgets for three years. The current financial situation of the NZAF is not sustainable and Board requested me in October 2016 to achieve a break-even budget for the 2017/18 fiscal year. As a result of this, the proposed changes required me to make some difficult decisions around a reduction in staff numbers.


The proposed restructure aimed to realign the organisation to ensure the roles that we need to deliver the Strategic Plan are in place, create a structure that facilitates integration and collaboration across roles and teams and ensure that the cost of the structure is sustainable into the future. As a result of this, the proposal included significant changes to the NZAF African programme. These changes were arrived at following careful consideration in the context of needing to allocate our increasingly limited financial resources for greatest possible impact. Analysis of HIV diagnoses over the past five years shows very small numbers of Africans being diagnosed with HIV in New Zealand. This stands in stark contrast to the numbers of men-who-have-sex-with-men being diagnosed. The comparison becomes more striking when the distinction is drawn between locally acquired HIV and HIV acquired overseas.

Between 2011 and 2015:

  •           21 African males were diagnosed in New Zealand and 4 of these are thought to have acquired HIV locally
  •           26 African females were diagnosed in New Zealand and 4 of these are thought to have acquired HIV locally
  •           549 MSM were diagnosed in New Zealand and 354 of these are thought to have acquired HIV locally


The proposal was therefore designed to reallocate limited resource for the greatest possible impact while remaining committed to working with African communities to the greatest extent possible.  


I announced the final decisions on the restructure on 6 March following a period of staff consultation. With regret, the African Community Engagement Team was disestablished. Subsequently, the team has seen three redundancies. These are Tuwe Kudakwashe (the team Manager based in Auckland), Rodney Mugadza (Community Engagement Coordinator in Wellington) and Phillipa Muza (Community Engagement Coordinator in Christchurch). We have two remaining African staff members who will be Auckland based; Yehuala Aboye and Judith Mukakayange. They will work as part of the NZAF Community Engagement Team moving forward.  


I appreciate that there will be some sadness as a result of the decisions that have been made. The NZAF will no longer have local presence in Hamilton, Wellington or Christchurch. With this, we will lose the deep value that comes from people being ‘on the ground’ and close to the communities they serve. At the same time, within our limited resources, we remain committed to serving African communities. Over the coming months the two remaining African team members will be working with the community and management to develop strategy on how best to reach African communities with less capacity.


Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss these changes more. I would be happy to hear from you.


Warm regards



Jason Myers

Executive Director


New Zealand AIDS Foundation  |  Te Tūāpapa Mate Āraikore o Aotearoa

Level 1, 31 Hargreaves Street, St Mary’s Bay, Auckland 1011

PO Box 6663, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141


p   +64 9 303 3124

f    +64 9 309 3149

m  +64 21 468 247


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